Tess, Dressed is a log of outfits I liked and recorded from about December 2012- September 2014. Now the project lives on as #tessdressed on Instagram.

I barely stretch five feet, three inches tall, so as Scott Schuman, on his indispensable blog The Sartorialist, so succinctly put it, “I’d kill for a little lank.” (My sister’s blog, aptly titled “A Little Lank“, was named in honor of that post.)

I enjoy thrifting and have hunted for interesting clothes and bargains since I was 12 and allowed to walk to the local Savers. I love great fabric and good craftsmanship.

Also music, lipstick, bitter cocktails, sour beer, good TV, snarky blogs, old Russian fiction, city bikes, muscle cars and motorcycles.

50 Dresses by Tess Vigil is another project.