Red lips, red shoes




Full disclosure- there is some questionable layering happening in the top half of this outfit. I have a green silk shirt on with lace trim- This used to be a dress, then I used it as a shirt, then I did some fabric testing on it and washed and dried it a bunch to see how the green washed silk performed, and now I’ve made it into a baggy top. HM. We’ll see how long it stays this way. The cropped wool sweater is such an awkward length but it is warm and I wear it all the time. Also this hair is post-yoga. Mostly I’m excited about the new SHOES and new JACKET which cost me a total of $5+$2. And my new Stella and Dot earrings. Also this photo was taken at the end of my outing- I would not in good conscience leave the house with such a shiny forehead.

Shoes- amazing thrift find! Made in Spain leather vintage (single sole what) pumps- brand new. $2 no lie.
New earrings- Stella & Dot
Jacket- Gap (thrifted)

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