Cut your losses and your sweaters



Also wear slippers at work whenever possible. It helps to find indoor blue sky when the outside is crappy, and awesome color-blocked walls, but start with slippers.

It’s hard to find a perfect v-neck sweater. Cut your own! This was a navy cashmere turtleneck I bought at a vintage fair- it has been washed and dried a few times, so the wool takes on a bit of a felted edge that doesn’t fray. Turtlenecks are generally too constricting, so I suggest a little alteration and you’ll be flashing your comfy shoulder in no time. Madewell waxy blue-gray jeans (a great gift and a mystery sample- not sure if they were produced), Old Navy lace long layering tank, Band of Outsiders/Target/Neiman Marcus hat, L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins, Smart Wool socks. I am warm and comfortable for a workshop work day.


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