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I love this Supreme hat so much (it is my sister’s but I’m taking it over). My mom’s old Banana Republic taupe tee, old Diesel selvedge edge men’s jeans cut into shorts. I love the orange/white selvedge edge on the cuff. I am too tired to wear clothes that fit. Also this outfit was perfect for rescuing a giant slobbery black dog from the middle of a busy road, loading him into my car, and returning him to his house a mile away!

Off duty and on deadline


My off duty look while I’m on deadline with sewing/design work. Comfiest things I can muster. Columbia hat is my sister’s but I graduated first, so I get to wear it too, ha! Nice drape top and neon lace bra from Victoria’s Secret. NYDJ┬ácut-offs. Down to my cheapest pair of thread clippers but I like the bright color!



Hot studio work day calls for the return of JORTS. My work neighbor makes fun of me for wearing an endless rotation of jean shorts all summer, but I love them and there ain’t no shame. Not Your Daughters Jeans makes for great DIY cut-offs. I found a couple pairs at a thrift store last year and hacked them up- they are super stretchy and comfy and kind of high-waisted. Superga sneakers. Wildfox shirt (love them!). Wildfox makes super soft and luxe tees- the swingy style of this one is amazing. I shortened it for the petite frame and now it is perfect.